Thursday, June 7, 2012

1. Using technology with the objective is the best way to get the students actively involved in the learning for the day. They are learning without realizing it and if they are actively involved, they will remember.
2. Students should be held accountable in the centers because it is an indication of what they have learned and they are not just playing with the devices. If not held accountable, students will use the center time as play time. An end project, etc is necessary.
3. In Thinkfinity I liked Comic Creator in which students can create a comic strip as the final assessment upon completing a reading. I also liked English Grammar 101 in which students complete  self-paced grammar lessons and a reteach is necessary. Grammar is still important today and this allows the students to be in charge of their grammar learning.
4. Apps
Elements of Gothic Literature - Students can use this as an introduction to Gothic Lit. Background knowledge is important for the students complete understanding of the literature of a certain time period.

Shakespeare in Bits provides the students with the opportunity to watch brief videos about their reading and gives them interaction with voc and analysis of what they always perceive as difficult.

5.The ipads allow student to quickly get information on questions or gives them the opportunity to do brief research on any topic (relevant to the class discussion).


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