Thursday, June 7, 2012

TOOL 7  Each year seniors create a legacy project that includes essays describing their memory of each school year. I think having students write their memory at the end of each year would enable students to write in more detail about their school memories. Another idea is to move the legacy to be completely online and this would allow students to use many of the online resources. The idea is to start within this school and then move to other schools the students attended.

CONTENT OBJECTIVE  To create pages for the senior legacy by collaborating in Google Docs at the end of each year to write their memory of that grade.

PLAN TO IMPLEMENT At the beginning of their freshman year student will write an essay about their middle school years. At the end of each year, students can reflect about that year.

Google Docs
iPad to document changes in growth through pictures and growth
If this project moves to online, we would use Skype and Voicethread

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  1. Lots of ideas floating around in this project. Interested to see how it evolves!