Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I tried teachertube for Frankenstein video and found that several of the sites had been removed or would not open. Naturally, this was frustrating. Next I went to youtube and it worked fine. I probably will stick with this. I have used youtube in the past and had no problems. I tend to stick with what works with no problems. Tried kidstube and discovered it to be censored for high school topics. This site must be for elementary kids and I won't use it.

This video is from the original movie and I like to show the kids the difference between older movies and the newer ones.

Good for introducing Beowulf.

I thought the videos were interesting and my students might learn something from watching them.I loved the dropbox for our team. It keeps you organized with all materials at your fingertip. Just keeping adding and I can use it when school begins to remind me of what we did.

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